About Us

KGS understands the changing needs of Life of All Peoples; we are serving a varied Range In Gem Stones & Pooja Samagri across India.

Company Overview

Founded in 2004, Krishna Gem Stones is a Retail & Wholesale Store for All Precious & Non Precious Gem Stones. We are The largest retail Gem Stones Brand in India. Krishna Gem Stones has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit which boasts of top standards in manufacturing. Our Six layer Quality Checking process provides 100% quality assurance to to customers. It provides highly quality gem stones & rings in very reasonable prices.

By introducing ‘KGS™’ and Authorized Lab Testing Certifications, the most scientific way to check the purity & quality of the Gem Stones, being the first seller to give a written guaranteed purity for their Gem Stones with GST-Invoice, offering a written certificate of authenticity with each solitaire piece based on Third Party Lab-Certification, KGS has brought to the market a whole new standard of business ethics and product reliability, in the process bringing about a transformation in the manner in which Gem Stone is bought and sold in India.


We understand the changing needs of a customers and offers varied range of pure Gem Stones. Providing Precious & Non Precious Gem stones Also Rings & Lockets made with Ashthdhatu, Silver & Gold with precious & Non precious stones cater to all customers.